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"If you want to achieve greatness stop asking for permission."
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About The Hypnotist

I will assist you in creating powerful and lasting changes in your behavior. Whether it is eliminating a phobia, creating assertiveness in your communication with others, or it is just getting rid of bad feelings that may have been causing you discomfort and interfering with you enjoying life.

I have had a deep interest in behavioral change since a young age. I have explored every facet of hypnosis, Neuro Linguistic Programming and various different methodologies that cause rapid and powerful change.

My results are nothing short of miraculous. Once you discover that we are constantly changing, and that it actually takes a lot of effort to stay the same, your habitual responses will melt like butter and in their place I will assist you in designing new behaviors with precision, and adroitness that will leave you in awe of what you are capable of!

As an experienced provider of rapid change, I am determined that we will create the lasting powerful change that you will come to me for. I am a master practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming, a Master Hypnotist and when the rubber hits the road I produce the powerful changes you are seeking in your life.

About Hypnosis in Omaha, Nebraska

Hypnosis is a powerful and easy way to create instant and long lasting change. Part of your unconscious has the reasoning ability of a small child and it will make decisions like, smoking is good because it makes me part of the group, or, its bad to waste food so I will store it as fat. Your unconscious is so powerful that if it has decided things like this, no amount of conscious effort will overcome what it wants you to do. The good news is that if you get it working for you, monumental behavioral changes happen with ease.

Why you should come and see me...

As a leader in comprehensive changework I will help you design new and useful behavior. First we will erase the habits of thought i.e. phobias, fears of success, negative programming that may have been installed at an earlier age, or painful memories that seem to replay out of your control. Second, we will install new feelings by design. We can create powerful designer states that you can choose and install hypnotically. I strive for a one trial learning, and getting done what you want done in the most efficient manner.

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