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Here are some amazing things that I have done with hypnosis

Here are some of the things I have helped people do with hypnosis


1.I have helped greatly improved reading speed for other than pleasure reading, to the point of almost mentally  photographing pages and with ready recall of the material.


2. I have hypnotized a handful of people to double their salaries within one year. In addition to that there were side issues handled to assist in dramatically increasing production including; the above mentioned increase in reading capability, staying focused, immediately cutting off time wasters and elimination of preoccupation with any distracting non productive thinking.


3. I have set up pain control for various problems, but most the most noteworthy being pain elimination of severe menstrual cramps. 


4. I have helped people eliminate or greatly reduce insomnia.


5. Enhancing ones ability to experience pleasure much more deeply in addition to eliminating any guilt for feeling such pleasure.


6. Enhancing ones baseline mood to that of just bordering bliss.


7. I have helped someone eliminate the emotional pain of the vision of her father after he committed suicide, greatly enhancing her ability to operate and enjoy life.


8. I have helped someone eliminate in one session the emotional pain of being molested from a very young age.


9. I can help turn up your senses such as smell or make you more acutely aware of your surroundings, help you control your sensation of time, i.e. make time move slow for fun things and make it seem like it moves by quickly for boring things.


10. Eliminated phobias of the dentist, heights, talking to the opposite sex and stage fright in fifteen minutes or less.

Come check out hypnosis in Omaha, lets see what awesome talents and abilties that we can assist you in revealing at Total Life Tune Up.

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Posted on: Tuesday, August 25, 2015
Last modified on: Tuesday, November 10, 2015

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