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How to get a total life tune up

What I have noticed after working with hundreds of people is this, most people have four or five things that really hold them back in their lives. They may be almost unaware of these things. It may be a resentment against a parent, a traumatic event, or a belief about themselves not being good enough or fitting in. I have found that when we go back and clean up these events, basically taking the bad feelings out of them, removing the power of that thing over my client, they suddenly have a lot more energy to move forward in the ways that they want to. 

Removing emotional pain, phobias, or post traumatic stress really frees up people to be their natural selves. I often hear from my clients that their friends, the next day after having me help them, comment on the massive shifts in the clients personality.

As it turns out, massive change is not all that hard with the right techniques. I have helped people rid themselves of life long phobias in under a half hour, to be gone forever. I have helped people take the horrible feelings out of P.T.S.D. 

If you are dragging around bad feelings or memories from the past, there is not reason to. Contact me to set an appointment and feel much better now.

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Posted on: Monday, February 1, 2016
Last modified on: Monday, February 1, 2016

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