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Hypnosis Service: Quit Smoking without the struggle

Many times when I tell people here in Omaha that I can help them to quit smoking through hypnosis, I often hear responses such as, “I would like to quit smoking but I don't want to get fat." or " I am not ready to quit smoking." Another one is; “I cannot be hypnotized."

Let me dispel some of these notions. First of all hypnosis is a state that people go through going to sleep and getting back up. It is the not quite awake and not quite asleep but somewhere in between state. Hypnosis is a natural phenomenon that we all experience throughout the day. Often times, it depends on who is doing the hypnosis, who is receiving it, when they are receiving it and how much they trust the hypnotist. Everyone can be hypnotized given the right circumstances. It is my job as your hypnotist to make sure those circumstances exist.

Secondly we will address what is causing you to smoke, maybe feelings you are avoiding. Or, something that your unconscious is trying to achieve by smoking, like relaxation or connecting to others. When those issues are addressed most people simply set the cigarettes down and quit smoking right then and there.
As far as being ready goes, what does that really mean? When is anybody really ready to quit smoking? I have not found being ready to be a contributing factor to someone’s success in quitting smoking. If you want to quit then I say you are ready, and you can quit smoking with hypnosis.

You see, you are talking to a former smoker. I smoked two packs a day. Often when I lit a cigarette I wondered how long it would be before I had throat cancer, or they would cut part of my tongue off. How absolutely demoralizing and frightening being a smoker had become. No one ever needed to tell me I needed to quit smoking. I already knew more than anyone I needed to quit. I was the one that woke up with the taste of an ashtray in my mouth. I was the one outside smoking when it was ten below zero. I couldn't stop for more than eight hours without becoming angry. I just needed to know how to quit smoking.

The how was quitting smoking through hypnosis. It worked for me and it can work for you too. You no longer need to smoke against your own will. Properly hypnotized you can set the cigarettes down and return to being a non smoker for the rest of your life. You won't need to take up non-stop eating or anything else to replace smoking. You won't have to suffer through uncomfortable cravings. You can quit smoking for good, without the struggle.

Contact me, your experienced hypnotist in Omaha and schedule an appointment that will change your life.

That is all for now. Be well.

Posted on: Saturday, May 23, 2015
Last modified on: Tuesday, November 10, 2015

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