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My 1-2-3 punch to K.O. your smoking habit, the Smoking Cessation Knockout

I use a three prong, three session approach for smokers. I don't have to tell you that the smoking habit can be as tough as Mike Tyson. I know, I smoked two packs a day. I successfully quit smoking using hypnosis, and I am confident to the core of my being that I will stay "quit smoking." It took my cravings from a 10 down to a very manageable 1. Some of my clients say they have no cravings, and these are 25 year, pack and a half a day smokers.

That is my goal for you. No cravings when you quit smoking. First I deal with your identity as a smoker, your value system towards health and flatten out your daily triggers towards smoking. Secondly I retrain your nervous system to be smoke free without cravings using a methodology called the emotional freedom technique. Thirdly, we do real hypnosis (not to be confused with visualisation techniques that some practioners confuse with hypnosis) that will set all of the new learnings in at an unconscious level. That is the 1-2-3 combination that will knock that nicotine habit flat on the mat.

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Posted on: Tuesday, February 2, 2016
Last modified on: Tuesday, February 2, 2016

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