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Seeing yourself accurately is the start of a good weight loss hypnosis program

I once worked with a woman that was anorexic. She said that she absolutely always saw herself as fat. Once in a while she would catch a glimpse of herself as her overly skinny self but immediately that would morph into her overweight image in her mind. I find there is information to be gleened here. Are a lot of people doing this to a lesser degree. Maybe they are not doing it to the level of starving themselves, but just to a level where it consumes to much of their energy and thinking.The opposite happens with weightlifters. They never think they are big enough. They get so many muscles they go far past looking good, to looking like a circus side show act. Proper action comes with proper assessment. 

When I work with women and men for hypnotic weight loss, we do some exercises to make sure that they see themselves as they truly are right now, good, bad or indifferent. It is so important to assess ourselves as we actually are and not a hallucination, or overlay, because we were teased or hassled as a child.Part of getting people to see themselves accurately is to go back in time so to speak, and to erase the pain or power out of ideas that were taken on because of teasing or some other factor. When these items are corrected in my hypnotic weight loss program, we can move forward with behavioral changes. Behavioral changes that make it easy to pick the right foods, and easy to get the right physical exercise.

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Posted on: Sunday, February 7, 2016
Last modified on: Tuesday, February 16, 2016

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