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The difference that makes the difference when quitting smoking

There are a lot of would be hypnotist out there in this community doing what appears to be the real thing but doesn't quite cut it when the rubber hits the road. Just doing some guided visualisation, you know the old and tired laying on the beach or in a meadow type of thing will not create the brainwave states that need to be there to make it so you never want a cigarette again through use of suggestion. 

What needs to be there is a state called somnambulism. It is a technical word in hypnosis, but what it means is that you are in a certain state where you are in a deep enough trance that when a hypnotist makes a suggestion to you that you will no longer desire ciggarettes, that you take that on as your new truth without criticizing it on the way in. Nobody knows for certain why this is so powerful of a process, but we do know that it works. Some studies indicate that hypnosis is as good as it gets when it comes to putting an end to the smoking habit.

The unconscious process can act in some very limited ways. If you start smoking when you are thirteen years old and all of a sudden you have a lot of social acceptence, your unconscious process will keep you smoking at forty nine years old for the same reason without updating. We will address your unconscious process and update those old ideas that no longer serve you.

Here is why you want to hire me as your hypnotist. I know how to induce for that somnambulistic trance, I know how to test for it, and I know how to test to see if you are taking my suggestions. After that I know what suggestions to give you, how to determine what smoking is doing for you that we can replace with something healthy and how to eliminate any uncomfortable emotions that may be driving your habit. That is where we get the almost magical results from hypnosis. That is where we drop your cravings down from a ten to a one or two, or nothing with some people.

Come do some hypnosis with me here in Omaha and kick those cigarrettes out of your life.


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Posted on: Wednesday, December 30, 2015

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