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Will I gain weight if I quit smoking?

It is possible if the root causes of smoking are not addressed you will convert your less than useful behavior of smoking into a less than useful habit of unhealthy eating. Some programs will just put you in a trance and give your unconsonscious instructions not to smoke. If they are accepted by your unconscious, that is fine but it may express the discomfort in some other way or habit.

That is not the case when we do hypnosis in Omaha at Total Life Tune Up. The protocol here is to handle whatever you are getting unconsciously from smoking, whether it be just a moment of not having to think, to feeling more connected with others or all kinds of other avoidance type behaviors that go along with addictive type actions. We will reomove the driver so to speak, then setting the nicotine habit down is easy and will not need to be replaced. 

Another thing we do here when we do hypnosis in Omaha, is to convert health to being your number one value above all others. It only makes sense right? Without health, there is no family, there is not making a living, there is not enjoying your life. Health is the foundation to your life. When we place that in the correct heirarchy your unconscious will make all kinds of nessecary adjustments in your behavior that will be congruent with your number one value of health.

I have the most comprehensive one session program available on the market. I do in one session what others do in two or three.

Let the nicotine habit go forever, come to me and do some hypnosis in Omaha and you will be on your way to mving towards all your health goals.

Thats all for now.

Posted on: Saturday, January 2, 2016
Last modified on: Thursday, January 28, 2016

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